Great Leaping Lizards!

Somewhere in the vicinity of 6:15 this A.M. I stumbled to the back door to let Boots out for her morning sojourn in the back yard.  Just as I opened the door one of those pink geckos that we get around here darted across my foot and into the living room and behind the TV and entertainment center.  He’d been lying in wait, ready to ambush whomever opened the door and make a break for the inside.

When I was living in Denton they used to get inside somehow.  I learned that they like to hang out in the bathroom for some reason (perhaps the humidity?).  In particular, they liked to hide behind the toilet, waiting to scare the bejeebus out of the unwary.  While this one made for the TV this morning, I now suspect that I’ll find him in one or other of the bathrooms at some point.

This should make things more interesting over the next day or two until I can find the little bugger.  It’ll make every bathroom break an opportunity for a tactical room clearing exercise.  ohh

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