Incredibly Rude Machine

It’s bad enough when you call a company and end up having to speak to a damn machine.  But having a machine call me and demand that I speak to it is beyond the pale.  I picked up a call late last week and was immediately greeted by a computer-generated voice that said, “Is this Aubrey Turner or spouse?  Please say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.”  My immediate response was, “Hell, NO!  I’m not talking to a damn machine!” after which I hung up.  I looked up the number later and it turned out to be from my insurance company’s “informed health line” (basically a library of health information).

When I got home last night there was a message on my machine from the insurance company’s computer again.  Since I didn’t have the opportunity hang up it got around to mentioning what it wanted, which was for me to participate in a survey. 

So, here’s a note to Aetna:  I don’t participate in surveys, so don’t bother calling again.  Regardless, though, if you have need to call me, please have the common decency to have a human on the line.  I am not going to talk to your damn machine.

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