Chicago Reconsidered

A few weeks ago I made a post on Chicago’s best-of CD.  I mentioned that I liked their older songs better than their “pop” songs from the 80’s.

Robert Prather made a comment that their last really good album was 17, which was with Peter Cetera and includes “Once In A Lifetime” and “Along Comes A Woman”.  I had been meaning to respond to this comment, but, as usual, my procrastination knows no bounds.  Upon listening to both CDs in the set a couple of times, I think I’m coming around on some of their later songs. 

One of the things that marked my musical tastes during the mid to late 80’s was an abiding hatred of anything remotely “pop.”  I could go on and on analyzing why, but I think it came down to wanting to find something different from what everyone else was gushing over.  If something wasn’t accepted by the “in crowd”, I was all for it (although I guess it helped to expand my musical tastes a bit in other directions).  Now that I’ve gotten older (and gotten over that high school clique nonsense), I can appreciate a lot more music from that period.  Our senior class song (“I’ve Had The Time Of My Life”)  was chosen by the “in crowd”, and I hated it at the time (now I see it was more likely because of how it was chosen) .  I actually like the song now (but don’t tell anyone smile ).


  1. Kim du Toit says:


    I too preferred the older Chicago stuff, but “Hard Habit To Break” and “Stay The Night” are as good as anything they ever did.  Or were those released when Cetera was still with them?

    Damn this Alzheimer’s….

  2. Both of those are on Chicago 17, which was with Peter Cetera (at least according to as I don’t own that CD).