National Ammo Day

I came across this post by Kim du Toit, which proposes that everyone buy at least 100 rounds of your favorite ammunition on November 19th.

If the country is awash in ammunition, it makes the prospect of punitive sales taxes a moot issue—no point in hoping that people will run out of ammunition when everyone has a huge supply of it.

So I’m making a personal appeal to all gun owners and Second Amendment supporters in the United States:

Please buy 100 rounds of your favorite ammunition on November 19, 2002.

Why November 19th?  Well, the best thing about November 19th is that it’s just an ordinary day, this year a Tuesday, falling during the week before Thanksgiving week.  There’s no conflict with any holiday or other event—it’s just an ordinary day.

Actually, there’s one thing about November 19th that does make it special.

It’s my birthday.

And the very best birthday present I can think of would be a poke in the eye for all gun-grabbers, gun-fearing wussies and their media lickspittles.  Just once, I’d like millions of ordinary, law-abiding people to stand up and make a defiant, and legal, gesture at the face of authority.

This is not being sponsored by anyone, and has no official anything.  It’s just plain old popular defiance— and it’s perfectly legal, requires no one to do anything out of the ordinary.

One hundred rounds.  More if you can afford it.  November 19, 2002.

We’ll call it National Ammo Day.

One billion rounds of ammunition into private ownership, in one day.

(Emphasis Mine)

Damn, I like it!  In fact, I may just buy more than 100 rounds.  Given all the different guns that I have, maybe I should buy 100 rounds for each one (i.e. 9mm, .380ACP, .45ACP, .357Mag, .223Rem, 12 Ga, .22LR).  Or maybe I should buy a case for one of them.  Heck, I never buy just 100 rounds anyway (I shoot that much in .45ACP alone each week).  Although I usually order my ammo online, I may just go down to Cheaper Than Dirt‘s retail store after work on the 19th, since it’s open until 8:00pm.

Now where to put all that ammo?  I usually keep 500-1000 rounds of each caliber around at all times.  Maybe I should pick up some more ammo cans, too, while I’m there.

National Ammo Day

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