Here’s a view of Boulder, CO and the mountains to the west.  The picture was taken from an overlook just east of the city, looking west.  If you look closely, the university and part of the city are visible in the center of the picture.

Ok, I know this may not be of interest to very many.  However, I live in North Texas, with an average elevation of around 500 feet, so I don’t get to see stuff like this very often.


  1. Fuze says:

    You must have come south on I-25 past Castle Rock to get back to Texas. 
    Exit 183 is my offramp.  Glad you enjoyed your stay, please advise next time you pass through.

  2. Yep, we took I-25 through Castle Rock to get back.  I saw what I think is the rock from which your town gets its name.

    If I manage to make it that way again, I’ll let you know.