User Interface Annoyanaces, Part 3573

I don’t usually bother using my phone for pictures, but it has a decent camera for a phone and it occasionally comes in handy.  But getting the pictures off the phone is kind of a pain.  I don’t have a USB cable for it, so I either have to pull the memory card (which involves turning the phone off, removing the back cover, pulling out the battery, pulling the card, putting it in a reader, and then reassembling everything) or send them to myself in email. 

Sending email is only slightly less annoying.  First, Verizon has put the photo options under a menu item called “Get It Now.”  This is not what one would intuitively expect for accessing your photos.  Once you successfully navigate to your photos, you can select “Options” and “Send,” which is not too bad.  But once you’ve sent the photo the phone returns to the main menu.  That’s both counter-intuitive and annoying, as I have to work my back down to the photos if I want to send another one.  It’s a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but it’s yet another small user interface annoyance and something that could be fixed easily if someone at Verizon really cared about it.

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  1. Andrien Wang says:

    I don’t know what phone you have, but eBay probably has the USB cable for it and for an inexpensive price.  Makes getting photos off it easier and most these cables charge the phone as well making for a good backup travel charger if you always tote around your laptop.