Turn It Off

I stopped by the drive-in window of one of our local barbeque joints for dinner and couldn’t help but notice a sign posted for the employees.  I don’t recall the exact wording, but the jist of it was that all cellphones must be turned off inside the restaurant.  If an employee was caught with the phone turned on, the employee would lose 10 hours off the schedule.  The sign said that this applied to texting as well (i.e. the manager wanted the phones off not just on vibrate). 

I know this particular place has always had great customer service, so I can certainly see how the management wouldn’t want the employees talking on cellphones when they should be serving customers. 

Now if we could just find a way to apply this rule to the rude a—holes who talk on their phones in store lines, slowing up everyone and spewing their personal information for all the world to hear…


  1. Dan Szepesi says:

    Just start paying attention to just how many people are yapping on the phone while driving, and how many are weaving at you while they are doing it.

    The East Coast states led the way on this one – ban cell phone use in vehicles unless you are using a hands-free….

  2. Believe me, I’ve seen first-hand how many people are yapping and weaving.  If I see a vehicle being driven erratically these days my first thought is “cell phone” instead of “drunk driver” (which it would have been in the past).