Defective Head

As I had feared, what started last week as a likely cold turned into a sinus infection at some point over the weekend.  I went to the doctor this morning who confirmed it and prescribed 10 days’ worth of great-honkin’ horsepill antibiotics, as well as Flonase to supplement the Claritin-D I already take. 

Considering how I feel about doctors (hey, I’m a guy, what do you expect?) the fact that I made an appointment says something about the problem.  Since I seem to be prone to these damn sinus infections I knew that it wouldn’t go away on its own and I certainly didn’t want to reach the point where my teeth started hurting (or, worse, blow an eardrum).

Hopefully the antibiotics will kill the obnoxious little bastards growing in my head (die! die! die!) and I can return to normal.  With all the sinus infections I get I think my head is defective.  If it was still under warranty I’d demand a new one.  cool smirk

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