Travel Quickies

I’m currently writing from an undisclosed location in Minnesota, where I have meetings all week.  I flew through Chicago on American today, and thought I’d share a couple of observations/thoughts:

* Upon landing in Chicago the first order of business was finding the men’s room.  While there I couldn’t help but notice that the stall walls only have about a 2-inch gap at the bottom.  I like the idea, because it definitely feels more private.  It also keeps anyone from reaching under and stealing your stuff.  Finally, it doesn’t leave much room for toe-tapping shenanigans.

* As we were taxiing out from the gate at Chicago, I observed at least five American MD-80’s from behind.  What caught my eye was the fact that on each and every one the right engine nacelle was dirtier/sootier than the left one.  Is there something in the American pilot’s manual for the S80 that favors the right thrust reverser?

* Someone unleashed a stinkbomb from the depths of hell shortly after the takeoff roll on that little American Eagle jet.  Whoever your are, please note that the rest of us really, really weren’t interested in sharing.  Is it really too much to ask to lay off on the gassy stuff before flying?  The rest of us would definitely appreciate it.

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  1. Mike Sivertsen says:

    You might enjoy “Sty in the Sky”—and you may never travel w/o alcohol wipes again.

    The comments are very revealing. Especially the captain who refers to some of the passengers as “barnyard animals”—hilarious. . .