New Addition

I’d been contemplating getting another dog so that Boots would have a canine companion.  I wasn’t in any particular hurry, figuring the right dog would probably present itself at the right time (kind of how Boots showed up when she did). 

The Friday before last I took Boots with me in the truck when I went to drop off some shirts at the dry cleaners.  The lady inside noticed Boots in the truck and asked me if I liked dogs.  I said that I did and she asked if I wanted another one.  It turns out that she bought the dog for her 19-year-old daughter, who will be going away to school and isn’t really taking care of it very well.  Further, it’s a Collie and she doesn’t like having dog hair in the house (with a Collie, you’re approaching 100% certain that there will be dog hairs floating around in the house). 

I told her that I would consider it and that I’d call her on the Saturday after I got back in town.  So yesterday I called and made arrangements to go see the dog and to let Boots meet him.  They got along well enough, although I got the impression that might be a little too rambunctious for Boots’ taste.

This is Malcom:

He’s an unaltered 10-month old Collie (soon to be altered, but don’t tell him that…).  He’s obviously still very much a puppy inside a grown-up dog body.  He’s actually kind of funny, since he acts like he hasn’t quite figured out how his legs work.  Now that Boots has been around him a little longer, she seems to have mostly accepted him.  There was a lot of playful barking, running, and nipping last night and this morning.  The only downside is that they decided to bring their play session onto the bed this morning, where I was attempting to sleep.  It’s rather difficult to remain sleeping when two 60-lb dogs are dancing on top of you (I’m just waiting for the bruises to show).  The only issue I see is that Boots is a little jealous, and tries to get up against me and prevent him from doing so.  But it’s nothing major (i.e. it’s fairly playful and there is no growling or snarling).

So far he hasn’t chewed on anything or had any accidents, which is good.  But he’s got tons of puppy energy, which may prove challenging. 

On Monday I’m going to contact the vet’s office to have him groomed (he has some horrible mats that I’m not even going to attempt to get out, lest I hurt him), examined, chipped, and snipped. 


  1. Rodney says:

    Congrats!  One dog is a companion, two dogs is a family.  grin 

    Beware though, three dogs is just a pack.

  2. Tia Mary says:

    Looks like you will need a vehicle with more space for Boots and Malcom.—Tia

  3. Yep.  I’m considering some sort of SUV, or perhaps even a van.  I’ve discovered that Malcom won’t jump up into the truck like Boots will.  I’ve ordered a ramp, but in the meantime I have to pick him up and put him in the seat.