Some Trip Things

Driving doesn’t usually bother me, but this last trip just about wore me down to nothing.  I think it was mainly the wind.  On the trip up we fought 30-40 mph cross-winds from Amarillo well into Colorado.  Although I guess the section of road from Clayton to Raton with snow blowing horizontally from the right with the sun shining to my left was kind of interesting.  Not to mention the attack of the tumbleweeds (by the tens of thousands) in Texline.

On the way back it was the same problem from Amarillo all the way down 287 to the Harmon Road (E Bonds Ranch) exit.  It certainly gets your attention to suddenly have an 18 wheeler attempting to share your lane.  But I wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis.

Note to NMDOT : If you’re going to slow us down to 45MPH on that ever-so-monotonous stretch of US64 between Clayton and Raton the least you could do is pick a section you’re actually working in.  Lowering the limit on a twenty mile stretch when you’re only working in a small section just pisses people off and conditions them to ignore warning signs.  Unless that’s your intent so as to generate higher ticket revenue…

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  1. TXGunGeek says:

    The wife and I drive that same stretch of 87/287 when we go to Montana to visit her family and usually we see more cop cars in the strech from Texline to Raton then we see on the entire rest of the trip. NMHP loves to write tickets along there. As for the weather, we had one trip through that area when it was hailing on us in the bright sunshine. Must be some of Roswell’s mystique making it to the area.