Christmas Goes To 11

It’s funny that upon returning I came across this post from the LawDog about The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

While visiting my sister last week we caught their show at the World Arena in Colorado Springs.  Although I’m not generally a fan of screaming guitars, I’d have to say that it was overall a good show.  They had one number in the middle that seemed to go on a bit too long for me, but otherwise it was good. 

We ended up in the nosebleed section (stage right), which was probably good in that we weren’t right up on the speakers (thus saving some small remainder of my hearing).  I’d have actually preferred something closer, but by the time I bought the tickets it was too late (the floor and lower level went very fast when they went on sale).  The only real problem was getting to the seats.  They were way the hell up there and when you factor in the altitude to the climb I thought I was going to die by the time we got to the top (compare Co. Springs at approximately 6235 ft AMSL to Keller at approximately 689 ft AMSL).

But I wasn’t the only one, as Tommy Farese (I think) commented about it during the introductions. 

An interesting thing I noticed was that they posted a warning at each door about their use of lasers and strobe lights in the show.  They certainly used a lot of lighting effects.  I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t a section of town that browned out when they turned all that stuff on at once.  According to the spiel they gave all the stuff takes 65 roadies and 8 semi trucks to haul around.  I woudn’t doubt it, given the complexity of all the stuff they had up there (this picture gives you the general idea, although they’ve made it even more complex for this year’s show).


  1. Mike Sivertsen says:

    The TSO Dallas concert on Dec. 16 was great. Purchased their 46-minute concert DVD and played it during lunch yesterday at work for several coworkers in a conference room with a projector. Lugged in my Bose computer speakers for the sound. They all liked it (plus the egg nog and cookies I brought in as well)

  2. I’ve noticed that even people who don’t normally care for “rock opera” seem to like TSO.  And after hearing them live, I’m going to have to go back and get their non-Christmas CD (Beethoven’s Last Night).

  3. Jeff Medcalf says:

    Did you know that TSO is otherwise known as Savatage, and that they are from Dallas?  We got Dead Winter Dead when it came out (from DJ airplay – he played Christmas Eve, Sarajevo and didn’t announce who it was until it was over), and have most of their Xmas stuff since (but very little of their other music).

    I actually met their manager’s wife in a car dealership service office a few years ago.  She was quite nice.  When I related my appreciation of the band, I also said that they must hate that they have to release as TSO to be taken seriously.  Apparently, I was correct.

  4. I knew they originally started as a side project of Savatage and grew from there (one of the performers also mentioned something about it on stage).  Some of the history and the people involved are outlined on their website as well.