Location O’ Doom

On Jim Carson’s site there’s an interesting comment from someone named Monty Snow about the argument for having a library in Town Center.

The Vote Yes Committee states categorically that libraries should be located in a retail environment. That’s debatable and there is a handy case in point. The Southlake library is located in Town Square, a lead-pipe cinch retail environment. Based on the Vote Yes Committee’s assertion, you would expect library attendance there to be higher per capita than Keller’s library located in a park next to a playground. Guess what? Based on the latest figures available from Texas Public Library Statistics, Southlake has 3 visits per capita. Keller has 6.98. So you can forget about the Town Center location increasing library attendance.

So it would appear, at least on a per capita comparison, that Southlake’s Town Square location is not driving increased usage.  Nor is it driving increased revenue, given the low utilization.  But that’s not exactly surprising, as this throwaway parenthetical bit from the same comment highlights:

You really should visit the Southlake library and see what can be done with 12000 square feet (if you can find a parking place, that is).  (Emphasis added)

That perfectly highlights my problem with Town Center.  I loathe it because it’s hard to get around.  It’s neither car-friendly nor pedestrian-friendly.  The drivers are maniacs, intersections have poor sightlines, and there is insufficient parking for the “strip” stores (i.e. everything besides Tom Thumb and Starbucks).  The only reason I go there is to visit the bank or for the occasional visit to Radio Shack.  And if I can find a reason to go elsewhere, I’ll do so (i.e. to the Chase branch on 377, since it has a drive-up ATM, which is more convenient than a walk-up ATM with only three regular parking spots out front). 

And then there’s Bear Creek raceway.  The speed limit may be 35MPH, but my visual speed comparator suggests that many drivers are moving in excess of 45MPH.  I’m given to understand that they’re hoping that existing parking near Town Hall will be sufficient for the new library.  Let’s hope they’re correct, as I’d hate to see someone killed trying to cross that street to get to the library.

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  1. Jim Carson says:

    Are you aware that they’re planning to cut parking spaces into Bear Creek Parkway itself?  That is, people will be backing out of their spaces into BCP.  At least that’s the last proposal I heard.

  2. Now that you mention it, I do recall that being brought up somewhere.

    That’s a certain recipe for disaster, as I cringe at the thought of being on either end of that mess (i.e trying to back out into Bear Creek or encountering some inattentive driver backing out in front of me as I try to drive on Bear Creek).