Keller Politics At Its Finest

It appears to me that the QT issue brought a lot of visitors to Keller City Limits who hadn’t seen it before.  Visitors who are absolutely seething over the SUP’s approval at the last council meeting.  A subset of whom are still so angry that they aren’t capable of coherent comments other than name calling.

Jim Carson wrote a short post explaining his rationale for voting for the proposal.  The commenter who stood out the most, however, was someone going by the name Jennifer, who left this in reponse to Jim’s post:


You had your biased mind made up before you ever stepped foot into City Hall that evening.

Ok…  whatever…

But what really had me scratching my head was this exchange, posted in response to a comment from Doug:

#  Jennifer Says:
August 22nd, 2006 at 2:14 pm CST

Gee Doug, nice job giving Jim his obligatory pat on the back. I’m surprised Monty and Aubrey haven’t chimed in yet. I would have expected all of Jim’s sidekicks to have responded by now.

# Doug Says:
August 22nd, 2006 at 3:09 pm CST

Jennifer, should I chastise him for a vote that I agree with?

# Jennifer Says:
August 22nd, 2006 at 4:43 pm CST

I haven’t known about this website for very long but my guess is that I would be hardpressed to find anything in the archives that you disagree on with Jim.

Just curious, is there anything? I’m hopeful to learn that maybe only Monty and Aubrey are the bigger asses.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I hardly ever comment at Keller City Limits, and I only wrote one post on the QT issue.  I was only being mildly sarcastic in tone, and completely serious in content, so I’m not quite sure what has earned me this enmity.  Perhaps it was something from earlier?  Maybe the library?

I suppose I’ll never know, because Jennifer’s anger over whatever sin she thinks I’ve committed makes it completely impossible to hold a conversation with her.

I’ve noticed several other commenters with similar problems.  QTDS (Quick Trip Derangement Syndrome), perhaps?  Or maybe it’s TCLDS (Town Center Library Derangement Syndrome).

Don’t worry Jennifer, I won’t bite you should we meet in real life.  I’ll be polite, shake your hand, and make quickly for the door like I do with most people who’ve gone off the deep end…  smirk

[That’s humor. Laugh, damn it!]

In all seriousness, should you wish to have a reasoned conversation on whatever issue it is that is bothering you, feel free to frequent the comments.  But my patience is wearing thin with the personal insults.


  1. queuno says:

    Darn it.  We should have put the *library* there instead of the QT, which could have gone great next to City Hall.

    What were we (not) thinking?!

  2. Sounds like a “win win” to me. 

    As for Jennifer, you’d think that after all these years on the Internet that I’d have learned not to feed the trolls.

    Oh well…  I guess she’s a candidate for my mental killfile.

  3. hschauf says:


    Your idea is ridiculous!  The QT more appropriately conveys our strong suburban values…than some… *library*.  A real legacy!


  4. Kevin says:

    Humor, particularly sarcasm and irony, is so wasted on single-thought-screamers.  Better luck next time smile

  5. queuno says:

    How about a combo library/full-service gas station.  You can read while filling up!

    “I have a friend who is a member of a political panel that is seen each week on national television.  Explaining her role, she said, -We are encouraged to speak before thinking!’”—Robert S. Wood