A Question Fraught With Peril

There’s a husband/wife couple that I see on the trails fairly regularly along with their dogs.  It’s one of those cases where Boots immediately took a liking to them and their dogs.  She ignores most people, but she goes fairly crazy when she sees them.

Until today I hadn’t seen them for a month or so, but I didn’t think much of it, since they had previously said something about taking a long trip in August.  However, when I saw them today I was almost tempted to ask the wife if she was pregnant, as she had the characteristic belly (which she didn’t have the last time I’d seen her).  But, fortunately, my thinking brain kicked in before my impulse brain had a chance to get the question out. 

I think it’s likely that she’s pregnant, but if she isn’t, asking the question would have been A Bad Thing™.  I think I’ll leave well-enough alone and wait for her to bring it up…

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  1. david flores says:

    Good choice.  When asking a woman if she’s pregnant, the downside is 10 times worse than the upside.