Win Win

PLEASE REMEMBER: No talking, no smoking, and crying babies should be deposited in the receptacle in the lobby.—Thank You, the Management

I don’t remember where I first ran across the above quote, but it accurately reflects my thoughts on proper decorum during movie viewing (although I don’t care whether people smoke, but that’s not up to me anymore).  Anyhow, I was reminded of this by a story that’s been running on Fox 4 News the past couple of days about how more businesses are catering to people with babies and small children.  An example they gave was a new program from the Angelika Theater called Crybaby Matinee.  It’s a special showing on weekdays for people with babies.  The lights are kept dim (rather than completely out), and the sound is turned down. 

It seems like a great compromise.  People (especially stay-at-home parents) have an opportunity to get out and see a movie and the rest of us don’t have to put up with crying babies while we watch our movies.

Now someone just needs to start a matinee series for idiots who talk to each other and their cell phones during movies…

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