Whose votes are they?

Just a quick thought on the issue of Libertarians taking votes from Republicans, which has been covered here, here, and here.

I’ve heard this from Republicans before, and it doesn’t move me very much.  In fact, this kind of argument strikes me as being arrogant in the extreme.  As if the Republicans think that the votes belong to them and were stolen somehow.  That’s utter crap.

I will admit that I’ve voted for Republicans in some instances to keep Democrats out of office, but my vote does not belong to the Republican party.  I’m merely using them to keep what I consider the bigger evil out of office.  However, if I consider the Republican candidate unacceptable and there’s no other alternative, I will not vote for anyone.

Republicans damn well better keep this in mind over the next two years.  I’m watching this Homeland Security bill with a gimlet eye.  I’m very suspicious of what may be included in the bill, since our representatives have a nasty habit of loading their favorite pet programs into these things.  I can only support this as a reorganization of existing agencies to provide better communication and information sharing.  I do not in any way support the expansion of any powers for these agencies.  I was appalled at the USA PATRIOT act (the very name of which is a masterpiece of Orwellian doublespeak).

Anyway, Republicans better get over this idea that they somehow own a certain set of votes or voters.

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  1. Fuze says:

    thanks for the link. 
    Please visit Walter in Denver, colorado.blogspot.com, for several more link-laden posts on the GOP/LP vote-swaying topic.