Where Did They Go?

I’ve been working late the past few days in an attempt to get some things finished before I leave on vacation.  I had intended to tune into the Keller City Council meeting on TV so I could get some work done while waiting for the library discussion (turns out now that they didn’t have a discussion since they passed a resolution to have a vote).

When I went to my on-screen Fios program guide I couldn’t find it, though.  Which was odd because I distinctly remember it being there.  So I pulled out the latest printed guide, which didn’t have it, either.  Just to make sure I wasn’t going nuts, I found the PDF of the first guide I got, and there it was:

Why did Verizon remove the local access channel?  Did they decide they didn’t need it anymore, since they’re no longer required to get a franchise agreement with the city?  (It certainly wasn’t to reuse the channel for something else, since those channels are now blank.)

Oh well, not a big deal.  It just seemed odd at the time, since it was the first time I’d ever actually wanted to watch that channel.

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