What To Say?

I’ve been wrestling with whether to declare “adios, mofos” on this weblog or not.  In some cases I’m just not sure what to say anymore, since I can usually go back into the archives and find I’ve said something about that topic before.  And it gets tiresome pointing out the same stupidity over and over. 

I’ve also been wrestling with how to say certain things so as to avoid getting visited by various and sundry Federal and local law enforcement folks.  This usually occurs when I hear or read something said by those treasonous Democrat bastards in Congress (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, for example).  Let’s just say that I’m less than charitable towards those who give aid and comfort to the enemy. 

Anyway, there still appears to be an ample supply of stupidity out there, so I suppose I will just seek out and mine different veins of it for variety. 

Illegitimi Non Carborundum.


  1. Jim Carson says:

    You’re kidding me, right?  You have nothing to say about the upcoming elections?

  2. Heh.  I guess you got me on that one. 

    The current election rhetoric reminds me of this quote:

    Virginia congressman John Randolph was once heckled in the House by a colleague from Ohio named Philomen Beecher. Randolph, irritated by Beecher’s incesssant cries (“Mr. Speaker, previous question! Mr. Speaker, previous question!”) finally exploded:

    “Mr. Speaker,” he declared, “in the Netherlands a man of small capacity with a bit of wood and leather will, in a few moments, construct a toy that, with the pressure of the finger and thumb, will cry, ‘Cuckoo! Cuckoo!’ With less ingenuity and with inferior materials, the people of Ohio have made a toy that will, without much pressure, cry, ‘Previous question, Mr. Speaker!’”

    Substitute Keller for Ohio and “Fiction Writer” (or “micromanagement”) for “Previous question, Mr. Speaker!” and you’ll get a good idea of my opinion on the matter.  raspberry

  3. Phelps says:

    Just do like I do.  Post when you feel like it.  If you feel like posting three times in a day, do it.  If you don’t feel like posting for three months, don’t.

  4. Kevin White says:

    You’d miss it.