Weird Stumble…

I was following the comments in a Slashdot discussion about good and bad rack cabling which led me to a link to a particularly bad example on

WayStupid link

On the bottom of the page they have links to “random stupids.”  I clicked one which had just some police lights showing and stumbled across this:

WayStupid link

What caught my eye was that the caption said, “New Keller, TX Police Vehicles” and below the picture it said, “The Chevrolet Tahoes just weren’t holding up.”  At first I thought maybe the site was using some kind of advertising cookie or geo-IP tracking to figure out my location and customize the page, but I SSH’d into a system in California and used curl to fetch the page and it still said Keller, TX.  So the page content is definitely correct and intended to be for Keller, TX.

It just seems strange that without even trying that I’d stumble across something that referenced Keller on a site I’d never heard of until today.

(On a random tangent… check out this example of the incorrect method to use when stopping your vehicle from 178mph.)


  1. Roger Ritter says:

    Those roadsigns behind the tractor look more like European signs than Texas signs.  Does Keller use that type (the white/red outline yield, for example)?

  2. I think you’re right.  I noticed it in the original and forgot to mention it.

    Keller uses standard (MUTCD) signs like you’d see everywhere else in the U.S.

  3. Frank says:

    I am fairly certain that is somewhere in Europe.  It most definitely is not Keller, Texas (look at those trees.)

  4. Yeah.  I think someone was trolling the Internet for pictures and came across that “police tractor” and thought he’d make a statement about Keller’s police vehicles.  It’s definitely not from around here.

  5. Mike Murray says:

    Hi!  This is Mike.  I am the webmaster of  No the tractor is definately not from Keller.  But I am.  The Keller Police drive me nuts giving tickets for 33mph in a 30mph zone.  So I decided to make fun of them on my site. wink