Voting With Our Feet And Our Wallets

Instapundit points us to this poll about current attitudes towards GM after the government bailout.

Only 42% of those who currently own a General Motors car are even somewhat likely to buy a GM product for their next car. That figure includes just 30% who are Very Likely to do so.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 43% of current GM owners are not likely to buy another GM car, while 16% are not sure.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans nationwide say they are now more likely to buy a Ford since that company did not take any bailout funding. Only 12% are less likely to buy from Ford.

There is an interesting political twist to the attitudes about buying GM. Currently, among those who hold populist or Mainstream political views, 46% own a GM car. But just 15% of those in the Mainstream are Very Likely to buy their next car from GM.

This corresponds with the informal discussions that I’ve had with several people, both current and past GM vehicle owners.  It also corresponds to my own attitudes.  I currently own an Avalanche.  My next vehicle will NOT be a GM as long as it’s owned by the government and the unions.  And this is coming from someone who was strongly considering a Traverse before the bailout.  But now I will look at Ford or one of the foreign brands that builds their vehicles in America instead of GM. 


  1. Phelps says:

    I’m driving a 96 Buick now, and its approaching its EoL.  A year ago, I was looking at another used Buick.

    Not anymore.

  2. Mike Murray says:

    I switched to Toyota in 2005, from Dodge and Chevy.  My Tacoma 4×4 is now almost 5 years old and has never been in the shop once.  My Dodge RAM was in 5 times!

  3. MIke says:

    I’ll never buy from Government Motors.  Bought a Chevy for my daughter last year, but never again.  Ford is the only way to go from now on…

  4. Me too!
    GM= Government Motors, I love it!
    I’m so tired of people telling me about how great their Toyota and Honda are, I’m proud of you too, now shut up!