Ultimate SUV?

Tired of pretentious snobs in Hummers and Excursions running up on your back bumper?  Want to put them back in their place?  Then perhaps this surplus Zil 135 Frog-7 short range Russian Missile launcher is right for you.  It’s powered by two massive big-block V8’s.

From the seller’s description:

She measures a whopping 10 metres long and just under 3 metres wide and weighs in at a impressive 10 tonnes. This is only achieved as the chassis is made from titanium and the all body parts are fibre-glass. So corrosion isn’t a problem and body repairs are easy.

I believe this is the biggest Petrol Twin V8 14ltr SUV you will find, and will easily make Humvee’s look like tiny dinky toys. With reduction hubs on all axles there is also incredible ground clearance. Ideal for keeping the rain off your Land Rover or Jeeps. 

Just be careful not to park it on top of any school buses or other SUVs…

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