Travelling Thoughts

Last Sunday morning we left for Colorado and returned late Saturday evening. 

A few observations and thoughts from the trip:

  • My dog took the trip surprisingly well, given her history of getting sick.  I think part of it was that she’s gotten more used to riding in the truck, though I cheated a bit by using some calming supplements.  I also got an extra fan to put in the back seat just for her since she tends to get hot easily.
  • Given the number of Texas license plates I saw in Colorado, maybe we should consider merging the two states into one.  We’d need to borrow a bit of New Mexico as a corridor, though…
  • Is there a contract you have to sign when you buy an RV or travel trailer that says you have to drive at least 5MPH under the speed limit and can’t move out of the way?  Is there a bonus payment clause in the contract if you speed up to avoid being passed in the rare passing zones that present themselves?  There’s a section of Highway 64 in New Mexico where there are no opportunities to pass for miles at a time and there’s always some obstructionist in the way.  It must be a cause of continuing problems because the state has put up signs urging patience (one of them also says “Courtesy Pays”).
  • I particularly liked the fact that the speed limit on I-25 in Colorado is 75 in the southern part of the state.  Since traffic tends to move a bit above the posted speed, it really speeds up that part of the trip (and helps make up for the time wasted sitting behind hostile RV drivers in New Mexico).
  • You don’t really appreciate how big the state of Texas is until you’ve spent most of the day just trying to reach the border.  Of our 700 mile trip, two-thirds of it was spent getting to the New Mexico border.  If I lived in East Texas this would have been a two day trip.

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