The Market Responds

I have noticed that many people decry the Clear Channel hegemony over DFW-area radio.  Just below the surface there seems to be a desire for the government to do something.  But the market usually responds to a monopoly, it just may not do so instantly.  Recently, I have encountered two independent (or at least non-Clear Channel) stations in the DFW area:

  • 106.7 KDL, which bills itself as the “Texas Party Station.”  It started out with mostly dance mixes (although it’s had an unfortunate trend towards rap and R&B lately).  But it’s definitely independent and has taken clear aim at Kid Craddock and KISS FM (which is a Clear Channel station).
  • 100.3 “Jack” FM, which plays a mix of 80’s and current stuff.  I’m not sure who’s behind it, but given their derisive attitude towards Clear Channel, I’m sure they’re not part of the Clear Channel empire.

There’s probably more out there, but these are just the ones I’ve found out about lately.  Those who are seeking refuge from Clear Channel now have some choices.


  1. Outlaw3 says:

    Kid Kraddick is the vanilla, generic, non-offensive Howard Stern.  Kind of like drinking no caffeine, no sugar Coca Cola – just colored fizzy water, but you still end up drinking it when there is nothing else to listen to.

  2. I can’t stand Kid Kraddick, which is one of the things that drove me to XM radio when I was driving to work every day. 

    I’m glad that some of the local FM stations have gotten the message about too much talk in the morning.  Both of the stations above play music rather than having an obnoxious morning team.