This entry will remain as a reference for those affected by TenTenTwelveCorp’s fradulent emails.

If you have received spam email appearing to be from users at aubreyturner.com or aubreyturner.org please be aware that the sender information in these emails has been forged.  I cannot remove you from the email list, since I had nothing to do with sending the spam.  The spammer simply chose my domains to include in his fradulent emails.  For an explanation of what is happening, see below for links to two articles on the topic.

If you are receiving bounces from TenTenTwelveCorp’s fraudulent emails, welcome to the club!  cool mad  It seems we’ve both been Joe Jobbed by this bastard. 

For more information, please read the following posts and the comments:
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  1. tim says:

    HI I just want to add my disgust at this tententwlve group also they have used our web address Britishmusclebear.com to send spam and I am sorry but I am at a loss as to what I can do….

  2. Jim says:


    I’ve been getting lots of emails from the same company. I am in London and have got no idea why I am receiving the emails. Unless someone added me to its list in a grudge or something.

    Hope it gets sorted out.


  3. pascal says:

    Hello there,

    I’ve been getting lots of e-mails from tententwelvecorp..
    I don’t have an idea how it’s possible that I am receiving such mails..
    Can somebody help me to stop this..
    Is there an removal available for this spam??

  4. tim, Jim, and pascal,

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s much you can do.  It’s very easy to send spam and to forge it such that it becomes a problem for everyone besides the spammer.  And if the spammer can encourage just a few suckers to buy the stock he’s hawking, he can make quite a bit of money if it has a good run-up. 

    Really, the only thing that will likely stop this guy is if he’s caught and arrested, or if his botnet gets shut down somehow. 

    But that only addresses this one particular spammer.  There is a huge security problem with network-connected personal computers that won’t be solved without coordinated effort between software makers and users.  I suspect we’re only going to see worse and worse abuses before things get better.

  5. Jason says:

    I’m another joe job victim by this tententwelvecorp moron… i’ve gotten about 500 bounces (at least… i deleted a bunch of them, since most didn’t have any useful information for tracking where it actually came from)… it all started exactly one week after the 101012corp domains were created, at least according to their whois info.  i tried calling network solutions to see if they could do anything, but their eastern indian help desk wasn’t really any help.  yay outsourcing… rolleyes

    i’ve put in my actual address with this comment; maybe we can keep each other informed of new updates for this guy/gal pushing these stocks. 

    on a side note, i got about 150 spams apparently from ONE user all in a 26 hour period.  the headers on most looked pretty valid and quite consistent, and all the dns lookups and whois checks i did passed, so it looked like real email to me.  it looked like this user had taken all the junk email he got and then forwarded it all to me in response to the 101012 junk – obvious, since he just hit reply and sent everything to “Genevive Wilson” <ASDF -at- gibson99.com>.  several of his emails to me included “remove me from database” or variants thereof, indicating actual human intervention, not just a script.  i wrote up a nice long email (quite similar to your response, actually) to the guy, and he claimed to have no knowledge of spamming me.  …right.  i’ve been using my spare time on the net to learn about botnets and honeynets (tools to investigate botnets from within – check out honeynet.org) but i have yet to come up with a solution.  i’ve complained to the two registrars of the tententwelvecorp .com and .info domains, but i feel like i might as well have just emailed it to dev/null.  *shrug*

  6. upset family member says:

    i was very upset to read about what you called “Deadly Stupidty” because you called my family member stupid. Lindsey is not stupid she is very smart. she is mentally not capable of handleing depression. did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe that because of her actions it hurts everyone in her family every single second of every day. if you knew how much pain Lindsey is going through right now you never would have rubbed it in her face. i HATE people like you who think they can just judge everyone without knowing shit. and as for the Bartletts im sorry and Lindsey has told me how much she regrets what she did to your family. but you know your family isnt the only ones going through tough times because we are also dealing with losing a family member not physically but mentally you may not think that its the same but really it is i will never know that cheerleader, and happy fun loving person ever again because of what happened. and i understand why you want to hurt her emotionally but i serioslly dont think that she could handle that but what your going to do youll do i cant really stop you. because everyday when she leaves the house she gets stares and its just awfull how mean this world is. again im sorry for what happened to the Bartletts ,but please dont call my family member stupid because you dont have any right judgeing my family member the only person that has a right judge others is God and you sure as hell aint him so back the f*** off.

  7. upset family member,

    Hmm… this doesn’t exactly seem to be on topic for the TenTenTwelveCorp thread, so I’ve responded to your missive in a new post.