Stimulus and Response

I’ve come to the conclusion that dogs have a fairly decent observation and correlation engine in their furry heads.  My dog picks up on things pretty quickly and associates little actions on my part with other activities that she either likes or dislikes. 

For example, if I attach my cellphone to my belt she knows that it’s highly likely that I’m about to leave.  At this point she perks up and starts bouncing around in the hopes that I’ll take her with me.  In association with this she’s learned two phrases.  If I say, “I have to go out for a while” she knows that she isn’t going to go and sits down with her ears back (it’s actually kind of pitiful to watch).  On the other hand if I say, “Ok, you can go,” she practically starts vibrating with anticipation as she’s learned that she’s going with me.  It doesn’t seem to matter to her if it’s a walk in the park or just a ride around town as I run errands.  She’s happy to go.

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  1. rimfirejones says:

    This is exactly the reason that most dogs make a great companion. They just want to be with you, ever faithful that being by your side is the best place on earth for them!