Sticker Shock

Slim Devices  sent out an announcement yesterday about their new Transporter digital audio player.  I’ve been using their Squeezebox players for a couple of years now and I’ve been very pleased with them.  The only thing I would change about them would be the form factor in that I’d make them more like audio components. 

So I was very interested when I saw the new Transporter’s form factor:

It looks like an audio component and I really liked the aluminum case.  I should have known, however, from their use of the term “audiophile” in the email that I wouldn’t like the price, but I didn’t think about it at the time.  When I finally saw it, though, my reaction was, “Holy cow!”  $1999! 

I’m starting to think audiophile is a code-word for “way too damn expensive.”

Update:  It just occurred to me to add what I’d like to see from them…  I’d like to see something built on the Squeezebox components, but with the same form-factor as the Transporter.  I like the dual display and understand that it would drive the cost up a little.  But I’d think that using a plastic case and most of the existing Squeezebox componentry, that this hypothetical Squeezebox IV (the current model is really Squeezebox III) wouldn’t be too much more expensive than an existing Squeezebox.  Of course I’m not privy to all the details of their supply chain and the internals of the Squeezebox.  But there’s just no way I can bring myself to part with $1999 for a network MP3 player.


  1. Kevin White says:

    Yup, the “audiophile” tag multiplies the price anywhere from ten times to a thousand times.

    I’ve seen $80,000 turntables and $260,000 living room speakers…

    Not to mention $9000 CD players that don’t even include a way to scan through a track.

  2. $260K!  That’s more than my house!

    I’m definitely not an audiophile.  Looking at the specs on that Transporter I don’t see anything that would make a difference to me.

  3. Those speakers look like something out of Beetlejuice with that strange curve.  And I didn’t really appreciate the size until I read the text where it explained that the bottom speaker is a 15” sub.