Stay Home And Send The Money Where It Will Help

I was looking forward to going to Phoenix this year for the NRA Annual Meeting and the Second Amendment Blog Bash.  However, I’ve decided that I’m not going to go.

First, there’s the amount of time away from work.  I don’t want to fly and driving adds two extra days each way (it’s just over 1000 miles from here to Phoenix, and I just don’t have the stamina to drive that far in one sitting anymore).  Since my sister is moving back to Colorado from Alaska in June, I was planning on visiting her in July.  I can take the vacation time I would have used in May and use it for the Colorado trip.  Second, there’s the cost.  My rough estimate is that the total cost of this trip would be around $1000 by the time I was done with everything (gas, hotels, food, etc).  Somehow I’m having trouble coming to terms with spending that much money on a trip in the current economy. 

So, I’ve decided to stay, but to help the 2A cause, I will donate part of the money I would have spent on the trip to NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF.  The rest will be spent on additional ammo to maintain stocks in my ammo closet.  I will receive my yearly bonus later this month.  When it comes, I will send $250 each to NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF and set aside another $500 for ammo. 

To me this is a more useful way to spend $1000 so that it promotes the Second Amendment rather than spending it on gas and hotels.  I’ll still miss going, but I can always go another year when the meeting is closer to home.


  1. Bitter says:

    Well, that’s disappointing, though it’s very understandable.

    The next time it’s less than a thousand miles from you is in 2012 – St. Louis.  If you want less than 300 miles, then you’ll have to wait until 2013 when it returns to Houston.

  2. Rodney says:

    That still leaves an extra $250 for a great bottle of whiskey and some mighty fine cigars so you can party just like you were there.

  3. Bitter,

    It’s more the timing than the distance.  If I didn’t have a family trip planned, I’d go to Phoenix.  So Charlotte and Pittsburgh are still possibilities, depending on the timing.  St. Louis does sounds better, though, since it’s only 685 miles from here, which I could do in one day.


    I think I’ve already spent that much or more on cigars and two new humidors (I haven’t kept very good track).  Do you by any chance have a recommendation for a good Scotch whisky?  I’ve been curious to try out some different types of Scotch, but figuring out where to start is difficult (it’s too bad some enterprising person doesn’t sell sampler packs containing small bottles of the most popular brands).  I’ve tried Chivas Regal and didn’t care much for it.  I’ve also tried the Glenlivet (I think it was the 18 year old), but that was so long ago that I’ve forgotten what it was like.