Spam Blowback Continues

Despite removing all catch-alls, thereby killing the Joe Jobbers in their tracks, I still seem to be banned from sending email to certain people.  Most notably people with AOL email addresses.

I had someone contact me yesterday via my Contact Form to ask some questions about the Marlin Camp Carbine, but my reply got bounced.  AOL informed me that it was not accepting email from my address.

Now this is stupid on the part of AOL, since I never sent spam to their users.  But they still put my domain into their blacklist of spammers, apparently because of the previous Joe Job crap. 

Anyhow… if you try to contact me and you’re using AOL (or Earthlink) and you don’t hear back from me, you might want to investigate getting a less brain-dead email provider.

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  1. Jay says:

    Ooh!  AOL, Comcast and some others have a very specific configuration your outgoing mail has to follow or they reject it now.  I wish I could recall the details offhand, but I may have blogged it or may be able to find my own record.  Oh, I remember, I think it had to do with enabling reverse lookup in DNS.  The former big client ran into the problem after the provider of the T-1 connectivity, which happens to be the people who took over from me for servicing them, underwent a T-1 upgrade from Verizon and had to change IP addresses and so forth.  I spent weeks starting with being dismissive of the initial minor reports of the problem to it becoming obviously serious and doing lots of testing and researching.  AOL, bless them, has a specific, clear page and address where you can get info and do a test that will reply telling you if that is the issue.  Comcast IIRC didn’t have the same info, but the problem was identical and solved as one.