Some Travel Observations

I went to Connecticut last week, flying into Harford and driving to my final destination (the other alternative was La Guardia, but I have zero desire to go into New York unless I have no other choice). 

  • My belt buckle set off the metal detector at DFW.  It usually doesn’t do this.  Makes me wonder if they’ve turned up the sensitivity.  There’s the possibility that I just got a different machine, though.  The past three flights I’ve gone through the security station near gate C10.  I usually end up at the machine on the right.  This time was the one on the left.
  • The pilots are now announcing at the beginning of the flight that people should not “congegrate” near the restrooms.
  • It took me a while to figure out that the exits on some of the roads in CT aren’t the same as the mile markers, like they are in most states.  It definitely threw off my mental calculation of how far I had left in my trip.
  • I was surprised to see that almost all ramps were circular.  You’d think that in an area with frequent snow that a straight ramp would be safer (i.e. less likely to have trouble with sliding in fresh snow).
  • I tried to finish The System Of The World on the return trip using my Tungsten T3.  Unfortunately, the batteries ran out with only a few chapters to go.  Expecting this I’d bought a paperback in the airport.  Still, I wish fuel cells or microturbines would hurry up and get here.  Batteries suck.

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  1. Jay Solo says:

    The mile marker thing surprised me when Deb first brought it up.  I can’t remember ever seeing a highway in New England that was anything but sequentially numbered.  It was from her I learned that other places used, or were switching to, mile marker designations as exit numbers.