Seriously Busted

I was out and about on the Bear Creek walking trail earlier this week when I saw this.

A young woman in very tight, short, shorts and not much of a top had just jogged past.  Ahead I saw a man and his young daughter (perhaps 8 or 10) taking a shortcut across the grass.  It was quite obvious that he was watching the jogger, since his baseball cap was a dead giveaway as to where he was looking (target lock acquired:  tracking initiated).  Unfortunately, while he was looking at the jogger he wasn’t looking at the ground.  He stepped in a hole, twisted his ankle, went to one knee, then rolled on his back and did a sort of upside-down bug dance (i.e. legs and arms flailing). 

All in all, a fairly good performance, as it distracted his daughter from noticing the reason for his fall.  I gave it an 8.0 for form and an 8.5 for the save.

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  1. Monty says:

    I swear it wasn’t me Aubrey.  I would NEVER do something like that. I would have had the cap on backward, as the bill might have obscured my vision. cool grin