Seeing The Truth

I heard on the news this morning that two teachers at Northwest ISD who were suspended for showing the video of Nick Berg’s beheading will be allowed back in the fall.  I must confess that I don’t completely understand the uproar over showing this video in school (at least in this instance).  It was shown to Junior and Senior level students and they were all given the option not to watch it.

I think it’s important for everyone who can stomach it to watch that video to understand just what kind of enemy Western civilization is facing.  These are brutal thugs who would subjugate all of us to religious slavery if they could only get away with it.  Anyone who thinks that negotation or appeasement is possible need only watch this video to understand the folly of that position.  You can’t negotiate or compromise with someone whose only goal is your destruction.


  1. Outlaw3 says:

    Were these the ones that showed the video and then made comments to the effect that Berg deserved it because the US caused the Iraqis to hate us by invading?  Or was that a different couple of teachers?

  2. I think these two were a different pair than the ones you’re referencing.