Over the past few days I’ve heard the Dixie Chicks a couple of times now as background music.  Once in Bass Pro and again in Chili’s.  Given the close temporal proximity of these sightings (soundings?), and not having heard them in a long time, I wonder if someone is trying to test the waters for a comeback.  Slip them in on a few stores’ background music and see if anyone complains.  It has been a while since the original flap (a year and a half), so maybe they’re hoping people will have forgotten (or at least calmed down).

Or pehaps I just hadn’t noticed them before and there’s nothing to all of this.  However, I suspect I would have noticed if I’d heard them before.  I tend to notice music and I can sometimes determine a song from just the first couple of notes.  Given the Dixie Chicks situation, I’m pretty sure I would have noticed (it’s what made me pay attention when I heard their songs this weekend).

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