As was painfully obvious, I took some time off.  I had been feeling pretty run down towards the end of the year.  I’m not 100% sure what it was, but I suspect a combination of a nasty cold bug and allergies.  I started feeling a bit better towards the end of December as we finally got some cold weather and the allergen/fungus counts went down.  I was even able to stop taking Claritin-D, which helps a lot with my thought processes (pseudoephedrine gives me a floaty head). 

Interestingly, when I went to East Texas for a week over Christmas I felt a lot better.  I came back on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon was feeling somewhat stuffy again, so either there’s something different in the air in this part of the state or there’s something in the house (I probably need to have the ducts looked at and cleaned).  But, so far, I’ve been having good results with just a saline spray.

Anyway, I hope that this increased energy will continue and hope to have more frequent updates on this site.

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