Rear-Wheel Drive

This is something that I’d always felt intuitively, but I’d never really given it much thought.  I was raised on rear-wheel drive (and big V-8’s) and I just never liked the feel of a front-wheel drive car, despite what everyone was telling me about their safety.  Combine this with the fact that most front-wheel drive cars during my formative years were econoboxes, it was enough to turn me off of them for good.

We don’t get snow and ice here enough to have a lot of practice driving on it, but the experience I had with a front-drive car on it told me that the safety benefits were overrated.  I’ve gotten used to oversteer and I’ve learned countersteering if the rear wheels should break loose (having spent the past 10 years driving pickup trucks).  I’ve also gotten really used to using the accelerator to hold a curve (which doesn’t work so well in front-drive cars).

Perhaps this explains my disdain for most cars these days (that and the fact that most of them are too damn small).  The cars that interest me are either AWD or rear-wheel drive (and have V-8s).

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