Range Day

My conference ended early today and I met Kim du Toit at DFW Gun Range for some shooting.

Kim let me try his Marlin Camp Carbine (.45 ACP).  It was a really nice gun.  It isn’t too long or heavy and it doesn’t beat you up with recoil.  I think a bug has been planted.  One of these days I may have to obtain one.

Of course, turnabout is fair play.  Kim seemed to enjoy my Ruger Single-Six and expressed interest in getting one of his own.

Update: Of course, just because I went to the range today doesn’t mean that I won’t go to my usual session on Friday after work.  Hmmm…. I may need to order more ammo…


  1. Jeff Soyer says:

    I’ve got the 9mm version of the Marlin Camp gun and love it.  Actually, that was one of the guns pictured at the bottom of the “gun stuff” page on my blog along with a variety of magazines including some 30 rounders.  Lot’s of fun for plinking or self-defense.  Keep in mind these are banned in the socialist republic of California…  Makes me treasure mine all the more…

  2. Bitter B. says:

    Y’all are just trying to make me jealous. :p

  3. Sorry, Bitter.  Didn’t mean to make you jealous. smile

    I found a local dealer who has a Camp Carbine that he just got in.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to his shop before he closes today (and he’s closing early tomorrow 🙁 ).  He’ll be at the gun show this weekend, so I’m hoping that no one buys it before then.

  4. Bitter B. says:

    It’s alright.  I suppose I can forgive you guys just cause you seem nice enough.  But watch out!  Don’t brag too much! smile