Random Gun Musings

I just received the most recent Cheaper Than Dirt catalog and couldn’t help but notice that they are carrying the ArmaLaser line of laser sights for Kel-Tec pistols.  Not to disparage Kel-Tec, but the idea of adding a $159 laser to a $300 pistol seems a little like overkill to me.  I have a P11 and it has a (DAO) trigger pull somewhere in the vicinity of 9 lbs.  I find that my hands start to shake just before the trigger breaks because of the force I have to apply.  It took a lot of practice for me to make peace with the trigger and get to the point where it was useful beyond 3-5 yards.  The last thing I want is to try to follow the laser as it does a jig on the target.  raspberry

I also saw that they were selling Lone Wolf Dist slide cover plate replacements in various colors.  In particular, though, I think the blue one is a bad idea.  Generally, blue is supposed to indicate a non-firing (or other “safe”) training replica (or at least that’s how I’ve always seen it used).  Now I realize that this is only one small part of the gun, but it seems to cross a line in my mind that shouldn’t be crossed.  It seems to me to that it could possibly lead to unnecessary confusion.

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