Raich Quickie

It occurs to me that even though the FedGov appears to have won a victory, there are still ways to monkey-wrench federal enforcement actions with regards to medical marijuana.

In particular, I wonder what the Feds would do if no jury could be found that would convict in a federal medical marijuana case?  I doubt we could get to that point very soon, since most people don’t know that they can judge the law as well as the facts of the case.  But I suspect that once we see sick and dying people being prosecuted (persecuted?) in the news on a nightly basis, some people won’t be able to find it in their hearts to convict such a person, no matter how carefully the judge crafts the jury charge.

Still, it’s depressing to know that it has come to this.  This decision, unless a future court changes direction, could allow no end of really bad federal laws to come to pass.

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