Politically Incorrect School Supplies

I got a cigar catalog yesterday and it got me to thinking about something from back when I was in elementary school.  Our school supply list called for an actual cigar box for storing our supplies.

I remember that we used to go to Nash’s store in Pritchett, where Mr. Nash would give us empty boxes for free.  I can still almost smell that King Edward box today.

I’ve noticed that current supply lists call for “cigar sized” plastic boxes.  Can you imagine the moaning and wailing if someone brought a real cigar box to school today?  They’d probably call the cops and lock the kid up for possessing a “tobacco product.”


  1. Rodney says:

    On a similar note, I was surprised to see on a store shelf a few days ago…candy cigarettes!  I’m surprised those haven’t been banned.  I used to love those as a kid.  However, I do suppose I grew up and developed an addiction to cigarettes that took me years to break.

  2. Monty Snow says:

    And after eating those pure sugar candy cigarettes till you finally were old enough to be embarrassed to be seen with one, that first puff was a major disappointment. 

    I know what you mean about the cigar boxes, Aubrey.  I was in the third grade before I realized the superintendent of schools was some guy named A.E. Wells.  I thought his name was King Edward.

  3. jamal says:

    well we shouldnt be promoting smoking to kids