Painter’s Itch

The previous owners of the house left a hideous pink paint pattern in the kitchen/dining area:
Bad pink dining room thumb

They also had a pink theme going on in the living room:
pink living room thumb

I’m not sure whether they were simply colorblind or suffered from bad taste, but I couldn’t stand it and I was planning to eradicate all of it.  However, painting all that picture-frame molding trim was so tedious and time-consuming that I never wanted to touch another paintbrush again after the living room.  So I’d resigned myself to put up with the other rooms until such time as I recovered.  Now I’ve gotten fed up with looking at it.

I’m feeling the itch to paint again.  That, or I’m coming down with something…  If I actually pick a color, then we’ll know I’m serious.


  1. Charles Eaton says:

    I am red/green colorblind, and it even looks bad to me.

  2. Tell me about it.  I’m not sure what they were thinking.  Maybe they were smoking crack.  cheese