Out Of The Sun

My office has two computers and a laser printer that all put out copious amounts of heat, making it pretty toasty in here, especially in the summer when it hits 100°F outside.  I’ve responded by putting up blackout panels behind the curtain.  They block out a lot of heat and most of the light.  Unfortunately, it meant that I couldn’t see out and that it’s too dark to see in here.  I got a lamp for the desk to allow me to read the occasional printed document.

But lately it’d really been bugging me that I couldn’t see what was going on outside.  I had an internet camera laying around so I installed it today.

So now I can see out the window again.  But it just seems weird to use a remote camera to see out of a window that’s three feet to my left.  I suppose when fall hits I’ll be able to “see with my own two eyes,” but until then the nuclear blast furnace known as the “Texas summer” keeps me safely indoors behind cover.  cool smile

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