Opposition You Can Believe In

I saw coverage of Obama on TV last night at a rally saying that it’s time to move past the election and for everyone to come together (or at least that’s what I came away with; I couldn’t give you his remarks verbatim).  Aside from being enraged that he thinks he’s won this thing already, I was grimly amused about his naive optimism.

Has he been smoking those unicorn farts again?  Does he really think that people like me are going to support a Marxist like him?  Does he have no memory of the Clinton years?

First, I am gravely concerned about the legitimacy of this election, given the antics of ACORN and their enablers.  And I’m not alone.

But more importantly, I cannot in good conscience support his proposed policies. In fact, they are diametrically opposed to my core beliefs.

Should he win, I haven’t figured out exactly how I will go about opposing Obama, his policies, and his administration.  But you can take it to the bank that I’m not going to ‘join together’ with a dammed socialist or anyone aligned with one.


  1. Mike5906 says:

    Dude.  I’m there with you.  There’s been a lot of talk about forming organizations to fight him once elected.  Sign me up!

    This dude is a socialist to the extreme.  Here we come Red China.

  2. Kevin White says:

    The market apparently didn’t think much of the election today. Bearish the whole day through.

    Dissolving the cuts in capital gains taxes and raising taxes on businesses and corporations during a recession will be a sure way to accelerate the growth in unemployment numbers…

  3. Shelly says:

    Hey Aubrey.  Something I’d love to see you write about is why the issue of gun control/right to bear arms is so important to you.  I’m not opposed to owning a gun or desiring to own one, but I’d like to read a smart guy’s opinions about the matter.  If you don’t mind.  grin


  4. That might take a while.  I’ll have to find a time when I have some uninterrupted thinking time.