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Proponents of the new Keller public library have put together a slick marketing campaign under the name “Vote Yes Committee.” 

Their primary talking point is that no tax increase is necessary to build the library.  That’s true to some extent, but as with all such claims, one must look beneath the surface to see what the future effects will be.  Consider this tidbit from their FAQ:

  1. How much will the new library cost and what effect will it have on my taxes?
    • The new library is projected to cost $7.6 million.
    • The tax rate will not increase by building the new library. The financial forecast model shows no increase will be required in the current tax rate of 0.4431 per $100 of valuation.
    • Depending on Council priorities after the May election (emphasis added), resources will be available for completion of Rufe Snow Drive and building a $2.5 Million fire station in Hidden Lakes (including a million dollar fire truck).

I emphasized what I consider the weaseally part.  It’s certainly truthful, but it’s phrased in such a way as to hide the fact that critical infrastructure items may require a tax increase if we spend bond money on the library now.  So, what I want is someone from the city to definitively cut through the obfuscatory language and tell us flat out whether we can fund infrastructure items without a tax increase should we approve this discretionary item now.  If the answer is “no,” then that will be my answer on the library.  If “yes,” then I might consider the library, but I also want to know why we’ve been overtaxed.

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  1. Jim Carson says:

    There are much more interesting things to come.  Weasel-words are tame by comparison.  Stay tuned.