NRA News

NRA News will start broadcasting on Sirius satellite radio today.  So far their broadcast consists of a talk show called “Cam and Company”, with Cam Edwards.  They also do regular news reports, although they focus on news related to guns, gun legislation, and self-defense.

I wish they’d get on XM, which would give me the excuse to get that Skyfi radio for home use (I’m already an XM subscriber, so I get a discount on a second radio, as opposed to paying another $12.00/month for Sirius).  But for now I can listen online via the website. 

Update: Thanks to Kevin for pointing out Cam Edwards’ weblog in the comments.

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  1. Kevin White says:

    Interesting development (my car will have XM capability built in, but not Sirius, so I’d also appreciate it if they went to XM, although I don’t foresee spending much time in the car).

    I used to read Cam’s blog: