The laptop battery fire and explosion recall has expanded again, this time with Lenovo recalling 208,000 9-cell lithium-ion batteries that shipped with certain of the 60 and 61 series laptops.  It turns out that my new Thinkpad, a T60p, has one of these explosive devices attached to it.

I submitted a request through their online form for a new battery, but I find it a bit irritating that the confirmation page says that it will take “4 to 6 weeks” to receive a replacement.  In the meantime, for safety, I’m supposed to remove the battery and only use it with the AC adapter.  Hmm… that kind of defeats the purpose of having a notebook computer, doesn’t it?

It occurs to me that there needs to be some kind of handy short catch-phrase for all the recent notebook battery problems. Glocks have _kB!_ (for kaBOOM!), which is immediately recognizable.

How about noteBOOM!, to be referred to as nB!.  Hmm…  that seems to be a little too derivative.  Any ideas?

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