Night Owl Weekend Warning

This site, as well as my email access, will be down early on Sunday morning for approximately 5 hours:

Due to space and power constraints in our primary datacenter we are moving the entire shared cluster “looney” to our LAX facility at 12:01AM PDT, Sunday morning, May 13th 2007. You are receiving this e-mail because your account is hosted on the looney cluster. All webservers, mail servers, file servers, and MySQL servers in the looney cluster will be unreachable during the move, which we expect to take approximately 5 hours.

I was glad to see this email notification, since it had appeared at one point that they had stopped giving direct notification and were instead relying on people to check the Dreamhost Status site (or its RSS feed).  I thought that having to monitor their blog was a crappy way to do business, and perhaps that message got through, since the above is exactly what I wanted to see (specific notification to the affected users about the exact nature of the event, rather than a non-specific message on a blog that required you to sift through a long list of server names to determine if you were affected).

Anyhow, I certainly don’t plan to be accessing the site or my email during this time period, as I plan to be asleep.  But then I’m not so much of a night owl anymore. 

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  1. Phelps says:

    Nice to know that you get to hang out with all the other looneys.