National Ammo Day 2006

I’d almost forgotten that today is National Ammo Day.  For those not part of the “gun culture,” it’s a day (extended now to a week) where gun owners purchase at least 100 rounds of ammo each.

I’ve certainly been known to puchase a round or three, even outside of ammo day/week.  But this time finds me fairly well stocked, which brings up the dillemma of what to buy.

I’ve converted part of an undisclosed closet into my ammo area.  The primary storage cabinet is an old gun locker, which is filled to capacity at the moment (at least where there are shelves; I keep intending to add shelves to the larger compartment but keep procrastinating).

I’ve got plenty of .22:

I’ve also got plenty of 9mm, .38Spl, .45ACP, .357Mag, and .380Auto:

Not to mention 12ga, and (on the right) 7.62×39 as well as some evil high-cap mags for my evil AK-47:

This year I guess I’ll get some more JHP rounds for the various calibers that might be of use.  It’s always good to buy a little extra for occasional practice (although it’s mighty expensive).

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  1. Don Meaker says:

    I got 498 rounds of 130 grain 7mm Benchrest Remington…

    Just the thing for taking out those pesky coyotes on morning walks…