There’s a cat that roams the neighborhood at night.  Whenever my dog detects the cat outside she goes a bit nuts, banging on the window and barking.  I get the impression that she’d dearly love to take a bite out of that cat.

In the meantime, though, she has found something that she thinks is the next best thing: cat poop.  I don’t know why, but whenever she finds cat crap she tries to eat it.  It’s a filthy and disgusting habit. 

At least she obeys my command to “Drop It!”  (although she does so very reluctantly).


  1. Our dog loves cat crap as well.  Everytime we visit my parents we find him poking around in their litterbox at least once or twice.

  2. They do that because cat crap is loaded with protein.  So what is disgusting to you is a delicasy to them.  I’m with you.  Yech!