Musical Thoughts (and Crass Commercialism)

I’ve been going through my CD collection today in an effort to clean up my MP3 files.  I have a lot of MP3s that I made several years ago that don’t have ID3 tags, which makes finding the song I want more difficult in XMMS or with the Audiotron (mine is actually a surplus Gateway badged model—but the firmware is upgradable so I have all the features of the latest Turtle Beach model and it saved me $100 over retail on eBay).  I also plan to store away the CDs once I’m done so I can ditch the big rack and get back some space.

As part of going through the collection I was thinking about the origins of a number of CDs that I own.  From time to time I find myself hooked on a bit of music from a commercial.  Fortunately, the world is at my fingertips and information is only a few clicks away.  Here are a couple of CDs I bought after seeing the commercial:

As with most CDs these days, there are a few high points and then some filler tracks.  I would say that there is about a 50/50 split between filler and good stuff on each. 

Oddly enough, I keep getting drawn back to my swing out sister CDs (of which I have 7).  Maybe it was the cold, rainy weather this weekend.  In between swing out sister sessions I’ve been listening to Basia and Nickel Creek.  Alternately, it could be some kind of weird 80’s thing (but then that doesn’t explain Nickel Creek)

By now it may be apparent that I have eclectic tastes in music.  This is probably the result of my early attempts to escape the herd.  I finally grew out of that.  Fortunately it expanded my musical interests.  As an example, the stack sitting next to the computer awaiting ripping contains Adiemus, Gipsy Kings (Somos Gitanos), Bach’s Adagios, Bjork (Vespertine), No Doubt, Gorillaz, Jewel, Eminem, Thalia, Shakira, and Alison Krauss, just to name a few (I estimate that I only have about 250 CDs to go before I’m done).  I suspect that I’ll be ripping CDs for a few weeks at the rate I’m going right now.

Update: It turns out that title track from Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary was used in a Delta Airlines commercial a while back (a long while back).

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