Music Finder: Opening Theme from The Shift

Like many viewers of The Shift, I have been looking for the opening theme music from the show.  So far, all of my searches only turned up others who were searching for the same thing.

Taking a guess that the music might be a custom composition for the show, I looked up the show on IMDb and discovered that the music for season one was done mostly by someone named Chad Itskowitz.

For fans, here’s a link to a video of the opening credits from his site.

As a web design note, I have to comment on the fact that while Mr. Itskowitz’s site looks great, it does not do him any service for those seeking him via Google or other search engines.  The problem is that all of his content is locked up in Shockwave Flash and is not indexed.  So even if you knew that he did the opening credits, searching for both his name and “The Shift” would not produce any results.  In fact, the only “keyword” that Google can extract from his site is “Shockwave Flash”.  raspberry

Yet another reason that real content should exist in HTML, like the designers of the web intended.  Otherwise it’s almost inaccessible and invisible to search engines.

Update Note:  It should be noted that I’m referring to the music that is played during the opening credits of the show.  There is also a song that is used in the promo for Season Two that many people are searching for.  According to WikiAnswers, that song is “Something is Wrong” by David Ayers & Felix Tod.

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